PUBG Ranked Mode introduced to benefit competitive and casual players, says developer .:. Andy Rixon
PUBG Ranked Mode introduced to benefit competitive and casual players, says developer

PUBG dev explains decision to add Ranked Mode to the game

The new PUBG Ranked Mode has been added to benefit both competitive and casual players, according to the developer PUBG Corporation.

Although the competitive element is inherent in the new mode's name, the developer has explained that actually "Ranked Mode is our answer to what it means to be good at PUBG".

In an interview with GamesRadar, Brian Corrigan, Head of NA, PUBG stated that "Ranked has been one of the most requested features by players for years. The decision to do it actually benefits both types of players. Casual players get a mode that caters more to their needs - helping them have an easier onramp instead of simply getting eliminated early by players with more experience.

"Conversely, experienced players get a new challenge. Instead of taking out new players, they’re pitted against real players that have already mastered the basic skills. One additional benefit of ranked is that you know players in that mode are there for one reason - to test and prove their skills.

"If you compare that with normal mode, some players are there to create content, others might be there to work on making progress in the season pass, etc. In ranked mode, they’re there for only one reason - to prove they’re the best."

The developer recognises that people play PUBG for a variety of different reasons, with different players enjoying unique aspects of the game - not just always aiming for that chicken dinner.

The hope is that the Ranked Mode is much more focused, with players knowing more what to expect when they start a match than in other modes.

"It launches this season with a new ruleset that is very close in spirit to the one we use in our Esports program, as well as a ranking algorithm that considers various aspects including individual engagements and final placement to determine each player's skill relative to another."

PUBG Season 7.2 started earlier this month, and along with the Ranked Mode brought with it a number of new (and returning) features, including the jerry can, weapons balancing, shotgun reworks, and more.

News by Andy Rixon, created 21 May, 2020

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