The vaults in Call of Duty: Warzone are finally opening up .:. Andy Rixon
The vaults in Call of Duty: Warzone are finally opening up

There's a whole lot of loot waiting for you down there

The vaults in Call of Duty: Warzone are finally starting to open up for players and they contain an absolute treasure trove of loot.

Since launch, items such as the vault doors, phones, and laptops have been scattered around Verdansk, with players able to interact with them to no effect. Now though, the bunker doors can be opened if you're able to snag a Red Access Card, which is found in the orange legendary crate.

What happens when you get said card and successfully make your way to a bunker. Well, take a look at the clip below to see.

Yep, an absolute boatload of loot is waiting for you. We counted at least 3 legendary boxes in that clip, along with other loot crates, and another money to finance a couple of loadout drop markers. Basically, getting into the vaults we'll set you up pretty well for the rest of the game.

This change has come in as part of the latest update, which has also fixed some pretty big bugs that had cropped up in recent weeks. One included a rare bug "that left a player in the Gulag until the end of the match", so fingers crossed if you manage to open the vaults now, you won't be left having to lose out to someone trapped in the gulag.

News by Andy Rixon, created 19 May, 2020

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